Q&A with Deep Sentinel CMO Bari Abdul

by Deep Sentinel | | Company Blog

What’s your background as a CMO?

I started my marketing career at Procter and Gamble, where I worked on multi-billion dollar brands like Pampers, Charmin and Pantene. Since moving back to Silicon Valley, I’ve led many world-class marketing teams in eCommerce and Saas. Branding has remained a core focus. I spent the last decade scaling brands in the internet security arena at McAfee and Check Point, two leaders in cybersecurity.

What drew you to Deep Sentinel?

From protecting customers’ computers and networks to protecting their homes—Deep Sentinel just seemed like the logical next step in my marketing and security journey. Taking artificial Intelligence solutions to market is an exciting greenfield opportunity; how we unpack this story to consumers is going to be important. In technology, communicating benefits to consumers without the technical jargon is critical to building a brand consumers can relate to and trust.

Why is Deep Sentinel tacking home security? How does AI play a role here?

Safety and security are basic human requirements; keeping a watchful eye over loved ones is programmed deep inside our DNA. To protect their family and tribe from predators, early humans took turns keeping watch while others slept. In many countries where labor is inexpensive, people still hire watchmen to keep a 24-hour watch over homes.

While we’ve had some form of electronic home security for over 50 years now, each decade surfaces technology that enables innovative new solutions. Today, Deep Sentinel is harnessing the power of AI—through computer vision and machine learning— to transform home security. We’re delivering the same benefit as an intelligent watchman guarding your home day and night, so you can alleviate an innate evolutionary concern.

How does AI translate to an improved customer experience?

Today’s security systems are likely to inspire groans and frustration from homeowners, due to the overwhelming number of false alarms and alerts received.

By leveraging computer vision and machine learning, Deep Sentinel is helping homeowners 1) predict crime by processing activity at the property perimeter and 2) prevent crime by activating sound and light warnings.

We expect that AI can radically transform the homeowner experience, as well as consumer expectations of home security. Simultaneously, we also hope to solve the innate human need for safety and security at a price point and service plan that everyone can afford.