Bella Thorne’s Home Attacked Twice by Burglars

by Deep Sentinel | | Crime Watch

Photo: Bella Thorne at the "Iron Man 3" Los Angeles Premiere, El Capitan, Hollywood, CA 04-24-13/Shutterstock

Thorne Scared Off Burglars During First Robbery Attempt

Bella Thorne’s San Fernando Valley mansion became the latest celebrity home robbed in the star-studded burglary-plagued Hollywood Hills.  If at first you don’t succeed, try again seems to have been the motto for the culprits. Burglars first attempted to rob Thorne’s 4,500 square foot residence two weeks prior to the successful heist. But Thorne was home at the time of the first attempt.

Hearing glass shatter when the would-be thieves broke a window, the 20-year-old actress/singer/ social media inflluencer ran outside to check what was happening. Her sudden presence apparently scared off the thieves who ran, according to the Observer and other media reports. Thorne then called the police and filed a report.

Police suspect the same robbers returned when Thorne was away, but they have no proof. No arrests have been made yet in the case.

Thieves Use Thorne’s Luggage to Tote Stolen Items

Unfortunately for Thorne, the thieves were not deterred. They returned a few days later while she was out. Again, breaking a window they successfully entered her five-bedroom five-and-a-half-bathroom home. Media reports state they broke a front window shortly after they observed Thorne leaving for the evening.

This time the robbers snatched over $150,000 worth of Thorne’s possessions – including designer luggage they used to carry off the stolen items.

“Bella's designer jewelry, vintage clothing and purses are all missing ... as are the Chanel and Louis Vuitton luggage used to haul off the loot,” says TMZ.

Thorne’s Colorful Home Displayed in Vogue Documentary

Thorne lives in the mansion with her sister Dani, a dog and 12 cats. She purchased the Sherman Oaks home in September 2016 for $2 million.  The home, described in the media as a teenage girl’s room turned into a house, was featured in an April Vogue documentary  about Thorne.

Painted in rainbow colors, the home features an indoor teepee, a giant plastic dinosaur and a mannequin styled as the horror film Babadook character.

Thorne, a former Disney star, claims in the documentary Inside the Life of Bella Thorne  that she bought the home with income she earned from paid social media posts.

“For an Instagram grid posting, it’s $65,000 a post,” Thorne says in the video. “For a story posting, it’s anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000, and for Snapchat, it is the same as an Insta story.”

Still a “Safe Space”?

In the Vogue video, Thorne poignantly refers to her home as her “safe space.” It is uncertain whether she still feels that way following the recent attempted burglary and subsequent burglary.

Although a home video surveillance camera captured images of the robbers, their faces were concealed by bandanas.

We at Deep Sentinel extend our sympathies to Thorne for being victimized in this invasive way – because a home robbery feels like a personal invasion. But we are puzzled why after the first robbery attempt, she did not up her home security game with a more comprehensive system.  Most home surveillance cameras passively capture footage that may or may not be useful after a robbery has already occurred. Deep Sentinel’s new AI-enhanced home surveillance system promises to be a game changer that stops not merely records robberies. Learn how here.