Home Break-In at Taylor Swift’s NYC Brownstone

by Deep Sentinel | | Crime Watch

Taylor Swift (Editorial credit: a katz / Shutterstock.com)

Swift Not Home During Home Break-In

Stars are just like us, Us Weekly magazine likes to say. They go to the grocery store, play with their kids etc.  And like us, they apparently have to worry about home break-ins. Perhaps more so than the rest of us because of their high profile and high incomes. And perhaps no one more so than 28-year-old mega music star Taylor Swift.

On April 20, a burglar successfully broke into Swift’s recently purchased brownstone in New York City’s fashionable Tribeca neighborhood. Surprisingly, Swift’s NYC abode for the past three months seems not to have been equipped with a security system to alert her or her staff of home break-ins. Or perhaps her home security system wasn’t turned on, a common problem with home break-ins.

Police were alerted to the home break-in only by a neighbor awakened by the sound of breaking glass in the early morning hours. The intruder climbed up a fire escape ladder, according to media reports. He then used his hand to break a window and enter the home.

Police found 22-year-old Roger Alvarado of Homestead, FL, asleep Goldie Locks-style in a bed in Swift’s home. He reportedly also has showered there. Police charged Alvarado with stalking, burglary, criminal mischief and trespassing. It is not clear whether he was attempting to steal any of Swift’s items during the home break-in.

Not only was Swift not home at the time of the home break-in but, according to TMZ, she has not yet even lived at the home.

Alvarado previously was arrested for trying to break into the building’s front door by hitting it with a shovel.

Security Breached at Several of Swift’s Homes

Unfortunately, this is not the first home intruder to stalk the mega pop star, Teen Vogue reports. In 2017, another man was arrested for repeatedly ringing Swift’s doorbell at a New York City penthouse where she lived at the time. The man also spent hours on the roof of the building.

Meanwhile across the continent, police this month arrested two would-be intruders at Swift’s Beverly Hills mansion. A Colorado man arrested April 14 outside the Beverly Hills home owned by Swift was carrying a knife, a rope and ammunition. On April 10, another man was arrested for trying to climb over the mansion’s wall while screaming Swift’s name.

“The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now…she’s filing another homeowner’s insurance claim form,” Spin magazine stated playing on the lyrics of a 2017 Swift song, “Look What You Made Me Do.”

A Peek at Swift’s Real Estate Portfolio

Swift owns seven multi-million-dollar homes. The first two homes she bought were in in Nashville – a four-bedroom home in a quiet suburb and a 3,240 square-foot condo in the heart of the city’s lively Music Row. In 2011, she moved to Los Angeles with her $3.55 million purchase of a 3-bedroom cottage on an acre and a half of land in Beverly Hills. In 2015, she upped her Beverly Hills ante by obtaining a $25 million landmark 10,982 square-foot Spanish revival mansion.

In 2013, Swift bought herself a swanky ocean-front 12,000 square-foot Rhode Island mansion for $17.75 million. Swift picked up her first New York City home, an 8,309 condo of two combined penthouses with a total of ten bedrooms, in 2014 for nearly $20 million. Towards the end of 2017, she plunked down an additional $18 million for the four-story brownstone next door. This is where last week’s home break-in occurred.  You can see photos of Swift’s homes in Architectural Digest.