Usher’s Home Robbed of $820K Bling and Cash

by Deep Sentinel | | Crime Watch
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Usher’s Open House Exploited For Crime

Usher was so “caught up” in his concert tour dates that his absence created an opportunity for burglars. The multiple Grammy-award winning singer had listed his two-story Los Angeles home for sale. Criminals posing as prospective buyers exploited open house events to set up the recent burglary, according to media reports.

There were no signs of forced entry. The LAPD suspects that the thieves unlocked a ground-floor window while touring the luxurious residence during an open house held by the real estate agent. Because Usher was away and the home was vacant, the thieves were able to return in the dark and enter the home through the window. They made off with an estimated $820,000 in jewelry and cash. Police believe that the same perpetrators attended two open house events and robbed the home during two heists. They have requested lists of open house attendees from the realtor.

Housekeeper Calls Usher’s Ex for Help

Usher’s housekeeper, who does not live on the premises, initially noticed one of Usher’s rings was not in its usual place. But she assumed the singer had taken it with him. She also saw that other items from Usher’s jewelry collection were missing but again figured they were with him on his travels.

But the following week when she arrived at the home, she saw a footprint on the second floor and then a handprint on a pillow on the main floor, reports state. Knowing that the home was listed for sale, she went to look for the home security camera and saw that it was missing. Only dangling cut wires remained.  (If Usher had been using a “smart” home security system like Deep Sentinel, the system would have alerted 24-hour security staff about the break-in prior to the camera being disconnected. They could have called the police right away.)

With Usher out of town, the housekeeper called his ex-wife Grace Miguel who co-owned the home. When she reached the home, Miguel phoned Usher to confirm that the jewelry was not with him. She was able to confirm that the jewelry was missing as was a large sum of cash Usher kept in a box on his night table. Miguel called the police and filed the police report about the robbery.

The report lists six collectable watches among the jewelry items stolen. The costliest one is valued at $220,000. The robbers also took a rose gold Jesus necklace; estimated worth $200,000. The cash taken amounts to approximately $20,000.

Usher Relists Home For Sale

Usher relisted the West Hollywood hills for sale a few days ago, according to the Los Angeles Times. Following the unsettling robbery, Usher temporarily took the home off the market. It is not clear whether he is using the same realtor who was handling the sale of the 4,261 square foot home when robbers used an open house to set up the robbery.

The 1926 Spanish villa-style home overlooking Sunset Strip has five bedrooms and six bathrooms. Usher, like previous owners, preserved the home’s original period details including hand-stenciled beams. He bought the home three years ago for $3.37 million and is selling it for $3.75 million.