Security Camera Motion Sensors

by Deep Sentinel | | Learning Center

In this day and age, a lot of people want a security camera to double as a motion sensor. That way, when movement is detected, an alert is sent either to your phone or to a professional monitoring service, making it possible to identify if it’s a true cause for alarm.

This article will cover various products available to reduce the number of false alarms, while maintaining 100% accuracy. Hopefully, this can help guide you to finding the best security camera option that suits your home security needs.

Basic Motion Alerts

Many security cameras are equipped with basic motion sensing capabilities. They’ll send you alerts when an object of large enough significance moves within its boundaries. Typically, this means that anything larger than a small animal within the frame will trigger the sensor.

Certain cameras stress how their motion detection is wide-angle, meaning that movement is well detected even on the very edges of the frame. Others allow you to adjust how much motion they must detect before sending an alert.

PIR Motion Detection

Whereas some security cameras use software to compare images and detect when movement occurs, other security cameras compare temperatures, over time. Analyzing the changes in infrared is the basis for PIR motion detection, and is arguably more reliable with fewer false alarms.

Deep Sentinel’s cameras, the Arlo Pro, Go, Canary Flex, and the Reolink wire-free line of cameras are equipped with PIR motion detection.

Activity/Motion Zones

Many security cameras allow you to program certain areas within the frame to be sensitive to motion. This reduces the sensitivity of areas outside those zones, which can be useful, if, for example, a tree in the frame moves in the wind. If there’s a door in the frame, you can easily program that area as a motion zone, thereby ensuring that it gets prioritized in the motion detection.

The Arlo Q, Q Plus, Arlo Baby, and Arlo Pro 2 all allow for activity zones. So does the Amazon Cloud Cam, all Ring security cameras, and Nest Cam Indoor and Outdoor cameras, among others.

Person Detection

Certain security cameras are capable of detecting with high accuracy when a motion sensor event is caused by a person. This means fewer false alarm alerts sent to your phone, and thus less irritation.

Deep Sentinel’s cameras have this feature. All Canary cameras advertise this, as well as the Ring Floodlight Cam, and Nest IQ Cams, among others. The Amazon Cloud Cam offers this as part of the monthly installment plan.

Facial Recognition

A few security cameras have gone further than just being able to recognize people motion events from other motion events.

The Nest Cam IQ can, on top of sending out person alerts, recognize familiar faces, and send familiar face alerts. The familiar face feature, however, is only available with a Nest Aware subscription, as all the data analysis occurs on the remote server end. The Netatmo Welcome is another camera that can learn faces.