Why You Should Have a Home Security Camera

by Deep Sentinel | | Learning Center

Some might argue that home security isn’t important. Others might say that a home security system doesn’t need a security camera to get the job done. We’ll offer some information to show the benefits of having a security camera in a home security system, so that you can best meet your home security needs.

Why Have a Security System at All?

The main ways that robbery could be mitigated are by enacting measures that a) prevent crime, b) lessen the impact of crimes as they occur, and c) improve the odds of justice after a crime. A good security system works all three angles. In this section, our examples will imagine some possibilities for a home where no security cameras are used in the home’s security system.

There are some good preventative measures that can be taken outside of installing a security system, and you can read those here <link to article>. Here are some quick and useful facts: over 2 million homes and apartments are robbed each year; only 17% of homes are equipped with security systems; only 13% of robberies result in arrest; and homes with security systems are 300% less likely to be robbed.

Prevention – Without Cameras

Security systems can prevent crime through deterrence. Burglars are typically looking for easy targets and houses that they can steal from in under 10 minutes. Therefore, a house with a visible security system adds that extra layer of intimidation that will often set a burglar looking for an easier target elsewhere.

For example, yard signs stating that the house is armed and monitored by a professional service might make an individual think twice before breaking in. Also, second robbery attempts will go down dramatically if on first break-in, a robber opens a window to be surprised with a siren. Sirens are used for this very reason; robbers will very often panic and dash, as they realize they have way more to lose entering this house then fleeing right then.

Lessening Impact – Without Cameras

Security systems can lessen the impact of home invasion as it happens. A good home security system has window and door sensors that will set off the alarm when a criminal opens a window or breaks open the locked front door. Should a burglar shatter a window to trick the window sensors, then a movement sensor placed nearby will activate.

First, when the alarm goes off, the burglar might panic and take far less than they would have had no loud noises been made. Second, a home invader is less likely to commit violent acts against house occupants with an alarm sounding. All of this is because criminals realize that the police will be arriving shortly.

Professional monitoring guarantees that the police will be notified as quickly as possible, whereas the growing field of self-monitoring requires that you, the owner, call the police. There are self-monitoring phone apps that alert you when a sensor has been tripped, with some providing a snapshot. That way you can make a judgment whether to call the police, or not. Either way, police arrival time will be much sooner.

Improve Justice – Without Cameras

Security systems can improve the odds of justice after a burglary. For starters, because police will arrive at the scene sooner, they’re more likely to catch the robbers fleeing the scene. Also, more neighbors will be alerted by the sound of an alarm than by possibly no sounds, and are therefore more likely to be able to provide a positive identification. Finally, some sensors can take snap photos after they are triggered, which can be used as evidence to capture a criminal, or at least point to where possible DNA and fingerprint evidence may be hiding.

Why Have Security Cameras in Your Security System?

As noted above, there are plenty of positives to having a security system, even if it doesn’t have security cameras. This section will detail why having security cameras provides even more benefit, making you and your household even safer.

Prevention – With Cameras

Yard signs are often not enough to deter would-be robbers, because they know many people fake having a security system and only have the yard signs. If your house has multiple easy exit strategies, is remote, or the property is concealed from the street or from neighbors by foliage or other objects, then your house becomes a good target.

At home, security cameras should be placed so as to be very obvious, and should cover the easy entrances. If these two facts are true, then burglars will be very discouraged from entering your home, even if a window is wide open, for fear of being identified. Avoid leaving your windows wide open while away.

The point is, prevention without a security camera is iffy. Prevention with a security camera is effective and easy, because a home security camera is intimidating.

Lessening Impact – With Cameras

A security system without cameras already lessens the impacts of break-ins. Adding in cameras can do even more. If there are indoor security cameras, burglars will want to stay away from them, and might be unwilling to grab expensive objects near the camera. Upon seeing an indoor camera, burglars will know this is a very well secured home, and be deterred.

Many indoor security cameras record audio, and have a speaker. Homeowners can speak through the device — thus alerting the intruder to the fact they are being seen, and recorded.

Improve Justice – With Cameras

Security systems without cameras do increase the chances of the perpetrators being caught. However, the chances of positively identifying a burglar are much higher with video footage. Cameras that record audio might pick up on conversations and names that identify a criminal. Night vision cameras will provide video coverage at night in unlit areas. Car license plates can be ID’d with HD video, and forensic evidence can be discovered by retracing the robber’s steps taken in video footage.

Without cameras, security systems improve the odds of justice by notifying police quickly. However, with cameras, there are many more options available to identifying key pieces of information linked to the intruder, increasing odds of justice.


We hope this article has shown that security systems not only reduce the occurrence of break-ins, but will mitigate their impact and increase the possibilities of achieving justice. Adding in a security camera or a security camera system will bring even more benefits and security. We highly recommend having at least one camera in a home security system.