LA Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig’s Home Burglarized – Again

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Thieves Abandon Puig’s Home Safe in His Foyer

Los Angeles Dodgers star Yasiel Puig may be able to steal bases and touch home safe but unfortunately local burglars recently tried to steal his home’s safe and damaged the home in the process.

Although the burglars bungled the safe heist and ended up leaving it behind, they caused $10,000 worth of damage to Puig’s home, according to an Associated Press report.  Plus, they stole other stuff.

After breaking into Puig’s San Fernando Valley home while he was playing a night game at Dodgers Stadium, the burglars spotted the safe in Puig’s second-floor master bedroom. But after dragging it downstairs, they opted to ditch it in the home’s foyer.

“I (did) not sleep too much yesterday,” Puig told reporters the day after the incident. Although he was working with police to inventory what items had been taken, he did not share this information with the media.

4th Time’s the Charm

This latest burglary marks the fourth time the Cuban-born right fielder’s home has been hit by burglars. But this time, the LAPD decided it was time to step up, reported TMZ, a celebrity news website.  Fueling this decision was the fact that many other celebrities in the same vicinity also have been recently victimized by brazen home burglaries.  

Police viewed video footage of the thieves kicking in Puig’s front door and of their black Toyota getaway car with paper license plates.

About a week after the break-in at Puig’s home,  the LAPD got a break in the case following a burglary at the home of LA Rams wide receiver Robert Woods.

Breakthrough in the Case

As reported previously by Deep Sentinel, an alert neighbor called police during the robbery at the football player’s home. When a police officer pulled over the suspects’ car for a traffic stop, the officer noticed a gun and possibly stolen items in the vehicle. The car’s description matched one police had been searching for in connection with the robbery at Woods’ home and Puig’s home. Four suspects were arrested – three teenaged men and the 34-year-old mother of one of them. They are believed to be responsible for burglaries at the homes of over two dozen celebrities. These “bling ring” celebrity burglaries are also alleged to be connected to gang activity in the area.

Puig’s Ring Alarm System Didn’t Help

“Puig has a Ring security system set up at his home to get alerts for any visitors, but so far it hasn't been enough to keep thieves away,” TMZ stated in their article about the fourth break-in at Puig’s home. Here at Deep Sentinel we are not surprised. We think that most home security systems out there are way too passive. They either calmly take video footage while your house is being robbed of your most prized possessions. Or it sets off a useless alarm that everyone will ignore. Or it calls your cell phone which doesn’t do you any good at all if you’ve turned off your phone because you are at the movies or you’re in a yoga class. That’s why at Deep Sentinel, we decided to take the pressure off you and put it on us. We have trained surveillance agents standing by ready to call the police for you if they confirm from a video alert that there are thieves approaching your home. And our AI-enhanced video cams monitor the perimeter of your property to help keep thieves from even getting close enough to kick in your door or break a window.

We hope that the arrest of the suspects who’ve been burglarizing his home helps Yasiel Puig focus all his energy on winning the World Series against the Boston Red Sox. And we hope he also will consider signing up to be an early adopter of the new Deep Sentinel home security system.