Man Rams Jeep Through John Mellencamp’s Front Gates

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Did the Indianapolis man who smashed his way into singer songwriter John Mellencamp’s Burlington, Indiana mansion know the lyrics to Mellencamp’s popular Authority Song? “I fight authority; authority always wins.”  Probably not because law enforcement officers arrested 48-year-old Robert Carter shortly after his alleged break-in.

Several local media sources, including The TribuneWTIU/WFIU and WISH-TV, report that Carter drove to Mellencamp’s home around 6 AM on Thursday February 7 and rammed his car through the entry gate.  He then reportedly kicked in the front door to Mellencamp’s house.

When law enforcement arrived, they found Carter sequestered in another building on the rock star’s property. They also found Carter’s red Jeep Chrokee.

Mellencamp Headed to Concert Date Wasn’t Home During Break-In

No one reportedly was at Mellencamp’s home at the time of the break-in. Mellencamp was scheduled to play a concert that evening in South Bend, Indiana over 200 miles away, according to Classic Oldies radio station WMTR’s website.   A Thursday post on John Mellencamp's Twitter account indicates the musician was headed to South Bend that day to perform a few hours later during the opening night of his American Poet John Mellencamp Show Tour. So it is likely that he and his entourage were all ready on the road to the venue.

Carter faces preliminary charges of burglary, residential entry and criminal trespass resulting from the Mellencamp case.  The Monroe County Sheriff's department reported that mental health officials evaluated Carter before he was booked into jail. The court released him Wednesday. 

Suspect Faced Previous Arrest for Unlicensed Gun

Court records show police arrested Carter earlier that same week on a separate charge of carrying a handgun without a license. “Social media posts prompted law enforcement to make contact with him, and they discovered the gun,” according to Indiana’s NPR station.

 Suspect Allegedly Disapproves of Mellencamp’s Liberal Views

Why did Carter allegedly break into Mellencamp’s home? He told police he was there “to arrest Mellencamp for supporting a government he doesn't support.”

Mellencamp, much like Willie Nelson and Bruce Springsteen, appeals to rural and blue collar Americans but his political views are decidedly liberal. Sometimes more liberal than those of his fans. He supported Hilary Clinton in the last presidential race and is a co-founder of Farm Aid.

A few days before the break-in, Mellencamp was the musical guest on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. During the program, he performed a pared-down live version of his pro-Black Lives Matter song “Easy Target,” backed only by piano and violin. As the song drew to a close, as reported by the music publication Spin, Mellencamp took one knee and raised a fist, echoing the controversial protest that swept the NFL after San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick began kneeling during the national anthem in 2016. It is plausible that Colbert’s performance on this program triggered the suspect’s alleged ramming of Mellencamp’s front gate and kicking in his door.

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