Police Issue Formal Charges for 13 LA Celebrity Bling Ring Suspects

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Matt Damn, LeBron James appear on suspects’ upcoming hit list

Although many people consider 13 an unlucky number, it proved lucky for actor Matt Damon and basketball player LeBron James. That’s because these two celebrities were next on the hit list of a notorious bling ring plaguing Los Angeles-area celebrity homes for over a year. But Los Angeles Police filed formal charges this week against 13 alleged gang members believed to be responsible, according to the Los Angeles Times and other media sources.  So, the bling ring may be wrung out at last.

The 13 suspects each face 33 felony counts for burglaries, home invasion and conspiracy dating back to October 2017. Earlier stories put the number of suspects charged at 10 but it recently was updated as police filed more charges.

LAPD detectives alleged all the suspects are connected with a South Los Angeles gang.

Rams’ Robert Woods Spots His Watches in Police Display of Burglars’ Loot

The bling ring’s long string of burglaries and recent bust is a developing news story that Deep Sentinel has been tracking. We reported previously on the arrests of four initial suspects and on break-ins at several of the targeted celebrity homes, now thought to be the work of the gang. These include the homes of Rihanna, John Mayer and LA Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig. A break-in at Rams wide receiver Robert Woods’s home proved to be the breakthrough in the case. When an SUV pulled over for a traffic stop matched the description of the getaway vehicle a neighbor saw leaving Woods’s home, the officer looked inside the vehicle, he saw a gun and items that appeared to be stolen goods.

A subsequent search of one suspect’s home revealed $50,000 in cash plus heaps of Rolexes, purses and jewels.

Following a news conference during which police displayed many of the stolen items, Woods called the LAPD saying he recognized his watches among the seized loot. The items seized also included a list of over a dozen celebrities to be robbed. Viola Davis appeared on the list along with Matt Damon and LeBron James.

Three of the four suspects arrested the night of the robbery at Woods’s home had been released pending further investigation. Now the Associated Press reports that three of them, Jshawne Daniels, 19, Damaji Hall, 18, and Tyress Lavon Williams, 19, have been re-arrested and formally charged along with the other suspects.

A total of ten of the accused are behind bars with bail set in millions of dollars. Three suspects remain at large.

Suspects Planned Heists Based on Celebrity Social Media Posts and Schedules

How you might wonder did these gangsters manage to break into so many homes of L.A.’s rich and famous?  Aside from inadequate home security – more on that in a bit – they also harvested information from the internet and social media.

They checked celebrities’ social media posts as well as game schedules for Los Angeles-based athletes and concert schedules for performers.

Woods was playing against the Minnesota Vikings when his home was burglarized. Several break-ins occurred at Puig’s home, including one while the Dodgers were playing in the 2017 World Series.

Suspects Also Robbed Wealthy People Who Aren’t Celebrities

Apparently, the bling ring suspects didn’t limit their targets to celebrities.

L.A. County Deputy Dist. Atty. Richard Ceballos told reporters that the suspects will likely be charged with other burglaries and robberies.

“We aren't talking just celebrities — athletes, singers, performers. We believe they are responsible for many more crimes in other places — Pasadena, Santa Monica and the sheriff’s jurisdiction,” he said. “They targeted people they thought had money.”

Evidence now in possession of law enforcement shows that the ring targeted people of Asian descent and used real estate apps and other online data to obtain information about their homes.

Ceballos confirmed that the suspects now charged have extensive criminal records as well as being documented gang members.

Deep Sentinel Keep Burglar from Getting to the Front Door

While we at Deep Sentinel applaud the apprehending of allege gang members who perhaps may now be prevented from committing other crimes, it is unfortunate that so many people had to have their privacy and security violated and to have so many of their precious items stolen.

We wish that every one of the targeted victims could have had Deep Sentinel protecting their homes. Deep Sentinel merges cutting edge AI technology with good old fashioned human surveillance. Deep Sentinel’s high-tech AI-enhanced cameras would have detected the burglars’ vehicle as soon as it pulled up and alerted our 24/7 remote surveillance agents by waking up their video monitors. Our surveillance agents are authorized – by you! – to call the police if necessary even if you can’t get to your phone!