Suspect Arrested for Robbing Adam Lambert, Usher and Others

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32-Year-Old Posed as Wealthy Real Estate Buyer At Open Houses

The Los Angeles Police Department recently announced the arrest of a man suspected of masterminding a burglary spree of celebrity homes. The LAPD arrested 32-year-old Benjamin Eitan Ackerman in September but did not publicly announce the arrest until early January.

Ackerman allegedly robbed the homes of singers Adam Lambert and Usher. He also is believed to have burglarized Jason Derulo, reality star Dorit Kemsley from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” and actress Rebecca Hutton, CBS News reports the police stating.

Ackerman’s arrest comes of heels of the LAPD’s recent bust of other high-profile celebrity burglars. Police recently charged 13 suspected gang members who entered and robbed the homes of sports and entertainment stars. This bling ring checked online calendars to find out when sports stars were playing in games or entertainers were giving concerts, so they could go into their homes. Yasiel Puig, Rhianna, Nicki Minaj, Nick Young and Robert Woods are among their alleged victims.

Ackerman however chose homes of celebrities and other wealthy Angelenos listed on the real estate market. Posing as a prospective buyer or real estate broker, Ackerman toured upscale homes noting the location of pricey goods he’d come back to snatch later. Dressed to impress, according to the, no one questioned Ackerman or requested his credentials as he cased the homes.

When he returned under the cover of night, he stole millions of dollars in expensive artwork, jewelry, electronics, designer purses, sports memorabilia and wines from the high-end residences, according to the LA Times. The police have posted photos of the items online to help owners claim them.

Police Recover Over 2,000 Items Worth Millions

Police believe Ackerman spearheaded the theft of over 2,000 expensive items from possibly 13 homes in Sherman Oaks, Encino, Tarzana and the Hollywood Hills between 2017 and 2018. His victims supposedly even include family friends. Police suspect he may not have been working alone because of the vast number of items stolen.

A storage locker rented in Ackerman’s name was discovered by police to hold an Aladdin’s cave of stolen treasures.  Additionally, a search warrant for Ackerman’s home turned up even more stolen goods.

“We estimate the total worth in the millions of dollars, multiple millions of dollars,” LAPD Det. Jared Timmons told the LA Times.

“We have diamond necklaces, we have to see what type of diamonds they are, whose they are and what the actual values are,” Timmons said. “We have high-end artwork, again those need to be appraised, see if they’ve been damaged by the suspect.”

Suspect Out on One Million Dollar Bail

No charges have been filed against Ackerman who has a prior criminal record. He also has alleged ties to New York where he may have been selling stolen artwork. Someone posted a million dollars bail money for him.  No other arrests have been made so far.

Burglarized Homes Video Cameras Proved Inadequate

Multiple media sources say that Ackerman and his supposed accomplices easily disabled home security video cameras and/or tampered with the footage in the homes they burglarized.

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