Thieves Break Into Paul McCartney’s London Mansion

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Everybody loves music icon Paul McCartney, right? Everybody that is except the thieves who broke into the internationally cherished former Beatle’s $12 million London mansion. The break-in occurred three days before Sir Paul was scheduled to play a pivotal homecoming gig in Liverpool, the Beatles’ birthplace. It is not known whether he was in London at the time of the break-in.

London’s Metropolitan Police continue to investigate the crime. At this point no arrests have been made.

Former Beatle Performed Despite Robbery

The resolutely upbeat 76-year-old McCartney refused to let the robbery at his home interfere with his upcoming concert. He performed as scheduled three days later in Liverpool to thrilled crowds. He had just performed in the Austrian capital Vienna the night before the break-in.

A neighbor of McCartney’s told the UK newspaper Daily Mail that following the burglary “There were blue flashing lights and police everywhere — four or five cars. All the lights were on in the house. The police were all over it.”

Fans expressed concern that the robbery would hamper the friendly rock star’s lifestyle in London.  “..the incident will inevitably be a cause for concern to McCartney, who, say locals, does his utmost to live a normal life in London,” reported a Beatles fan website Beatlesarama

‘He walks around without a bodyguard, chats with people, walks in the park,’ says one fan. ‘But he does get people hanging around… It must be worrying. After what happened to John Lennon, you’ve got to be pretty bloody careful.’

Thieves Also Break into Beatles’ Producer George Martin’s Home Scaring His Widow

The burglary at Paul McCartney’s London follows the brazen beak-in at the longtime English countryside home of legendary Beatles producer Sir George Martin. Martin, often referred to as “the fifth Beatle” crafted the ambitious sound of the Beatles’ later albums. Martin’s 89-year-old widow Judy Martin, who met Martin while working at Abbey Road Studios in 1962, was home alone when two masked men broke into the Oxfordshire dwelling.

Still quick-witted, Lady Martin immediately grabbed her mobile phone, hid in a closet and called the police. In record time, the police arrived with sirens blaring. The burglars took flight without taking anything.

It is not known whether the robbers who attacked Sir Paul McCartney’s home absconded with any of his valuables.

Other English celebrities including the Beckhams, chef Jamie Oliver and several star soccer athletes also experienced home break-ins.

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