How It Works

1. The cameras instantly detect motion.

2. The AI identifies potentially suspicious activity

3. LiveSentinels verify the activity is potentially criminal.

4. LiveSentinels engage using 2-way audio and take next steps.

2-way Intervention deters trespasser, no law enforcement escalation.

Keeping Police & Communities Safe

Each call to police is made by a highly-trained expert after evaluating a situation. They are trained to confirm activity that warrants a response, and provide critical information to dispatch.

When we contact police, we can provide key information increasing situational awareness: count and location of suspects, suspicious behavior, potential threats to offer safety.

Keeping Police Safe

No False Alarm

Engaging Police When It Matters

Preventing Crime

Unlike any other home security system, Deep Sentinel aims to prevent crimes before they start--hopefully removing the necessity for officer involvement.

When we observe package theft, the early signs of a burglary in progress, or even someone lingering on a porch, we engage our HELLO protocol--ensuring any potential criminal knows that we are here and watching.

See it in action -- Preventing package theft

Get Support

Because Law Enforcement is a key partner for Deep Sentinel we provide a number of ways to get in touch. We even offer sample units for law enforcement officers and a giveaway unit for your department’s community engagement programs.

If you need to get in touch directly, you can call our Law Enforcement Hotline at 1-888-893-1941.

Next Steps