Live Eyes & Ears
on Your Home
Around the Clock

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Security cameras record a crime. Useful after the fact, they do little to prevent or deter it.

Our LiveSentinel™ agents jump into action the moment our nextgen artificial intelligence (DeepDetect) suspects a security threat to you, your home, or your family. Live human involvement means real-time steps to engage, deter, and alert police as the situation is unfolding — in 30 seconds or less.

Deep Sentinel's surveillance agents stop crime before it happens.

The Most Complete Monitoring System

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Skilled Surveillance Agents

Our rigorous training program produces experts in identifying, assessing, and preventing crimes around your home and on your property.

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Outdoor Perimeter Surveillance

HD cameras, motion detectors, and custom-made AI create an intelligent surveillance zone out to the very edge of your property. Nothing goes unnoticed. Nothing sneaks through.


Prevention and Deterrence

2-way speakers, flashing lights, the loudest siren on the market, and HD video allow our agents to engage with suspects in real-time and deter further criminal activity.

Fully Engaged and Real-time Support for Police

Our agents adhere to strict standard operating procedures and rules for escalation. Nothing is left to chance. Zero guesswork. Complete protection.

Baseline Scenarios

Once detected, all activity is immediately assessed by our agents for suspicious behaviour, resulting in either Dismissal, Continue to Observe, Trust But Verify “hello”, or Criminal Intent “stop” escalation protocols.

Suspect Engagement

Surveillance agents follow a detailed blueprint to engage and verify either criminal or friend via HD cameras and 2-way audio. When in doubt, our system allows for instant connection with a homeowner for additional authentication.

Law Enforcement Engagement

Criminal intent is identified and police notified within 30 seconds if necessary. Our conversation with dispatch includes a detailed explanation of who, what, and where the activity is taking place, and invaluable data on the number of suspects, their description, and behavior. Our surveillance agents maintain an open communication channel with police during the response, supplying real-time suspect location on site, direction if they flee the scene, and vehicle description if applicable.

Rigorous & Ongoing Training

A home security system is only as good as the people monitoring it. Our LiveSentinel™ surveillance agents are the best trained and are continuously developed. This is a unique and one-of-a-kind service, unlike any other traditional video surveillance system.

  • Our ongoing program includes instruction and steps for suspicious behavior identification, explicit and implicit bias training, de-escalation situations, and how to properly engage with potential intruders via 2-way audio and HD video.
  • Core methods on when to engage a suspect, what key points to make, how to speak for maximum impact, as well as trust-but-verify “hello” and criminal intent “stop” protocols.
  • Suspect description training means our agents provide crucial details so the police can apprehend their suspect quickly, while our weapon identification - including size, shape, gesture, in-hand - vs “unknown object” alerts allows them to do so safely.
  • Effective LEO Dispatch communication can be the difference between a caught suspect, and a suspect-at-large. Deep Sentinel agents are taught and use the latest APCO standards in public safety communication. They know how to avoid overloading the dispatcher, how to offer ongoing tactical support, and the difference between package theft, burglary, and home invasion.
  • Training at Deep Sentinel is not a “one and done” scenario. Our agents are subject to ongoing evaluation on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. They undergo the necessary training on a continuous basis, so that we are up to standards our clients deserve.

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