Real-time Surveillance

All-in-one system blending next-gen wireless cameras, predictive local AI, and real-time Human Intervention.

Deep Sentinel Surveillance


24/7 Human Monitoring

Our human surveillance team monitors the perimeter of your home 24/7.


10 Second Identification

We identify a threat in under 10 seconds allowing us to react and respond quicker than any other security system.


Real-Time Intervention

Should something suspicious occur, we intervene in real-time. Speakers are used for setting off a siren and two-way communication.


100% Verified Police Escalation

If necessary, we contact police within 20 seconds. Reporting details of a crime-in-progress, police classify our calls as high priority.

3 Next-Gen Wireless Cameras

Stream in Full HD

10x Smarter

No false alarms. Real human guards watching your cameras in real-time. 

Rapid Wakeup

10x Faster

Next generation hardware that can guarantee the fastest response.

Deep Sentinel camera
Superior Night Vision

10x Better

100% video verification means police respond to crime unlike ordinary alarms.

Wide viewing angle

10x Safer

The only security system that can call police before an intruder enters your home.

Professional quality microphone and speakers

2-Way Audio for Intervention

Professional quality audio speakers and microphone allowing for 2-way communication.

Longest Lasting Battery

Long Lasting Battery

Each battery lasts up to 2 months on a single charge. Charging station built into the Hub, so a fully charged battery is always available.


No Wires, Simple Setup

Single-screw, 1-step camera mounting, and zero configuration Wi-Fi.

Weatherproof IP65 Housing

Intelligent Hub

4GB of dedicated RAM

Local Storage for Your Privacy

4GB dedicated RAM and 64GB ultra-fast flash memory storage built into the HUB.

AI guarantees recording

Smart Recording

AI guarantees recording only when necessary, eliminating hours of useless footage-up to 6 months of storage.

Deep Sentinal hub
Snapdragon 820 SoC processor

Only System with On-Site Processor

Lightning fast on-site processing of 10 frames per second by Snapdragon 820 SoC processor.

True AI Analysis

True AI Analysis

Distinguishes between suspicious and non-suspicious behavior, squirrels, a dog, or a swaying branch to minimize false alerts.

Additional Specs


2.56" (65 mm) width
5.18" (131.5 mm) height
4.41" (65 mm) depth


8.3 ounces








Wirelessly connects to Hub

Deep Sentinel Surveillance Package

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