No One Does Home Security Like We Do

Live 24/7 Security Guards that Stop Crime Before it Happens. 

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No One Shouts "Stop!" Like We Do

Our Surveillance Team has eyes on criminals from the second they step on your front yard.

Using multilayers of deterrence: 2-way speakers, strobing lights and the loudest siren, our surveillance agents take proactive steps to deter home burglaries and package thefts.

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Next-Generation Cameras & AI

Smart HD cameras create a virtual perimeter around your property.

Coupled with Artificial-Intelligence, we distinguish between a potential intruder and a car, dog or other non-threats.

We focus on what matters most – protecting your home and family.

Peace of Mind We Have Your Back

In a meeting? On vacation? Sleeping? No worries. Have the peace of mind that our security personnel are watching the perimeters of your home 24/7.

And if our AI or personnel detect anything suspicious, we will contact law enforcement in seconds. Guaranteed.

It’s What Police Have Been Asking For

We developed our security system in consultation with 50+ police departments to create a comprehensive solution.

Other security systems alert you or the police only after a break-in has occurred.

Deep Sentinel is proactive -- with zero false alarms and verified crime in progress, police are quick to respond.

A Premium Product with DIY Price

Top-notch tech shouldn't be just for the elite. We've included every premium feature you need to have it up and running in minutes. And it'll keep running 24/7 in rain, shine, or snow.

Protect what matters most.

Product Specs

One American home is burglarized every 9 seconds

Every Second Counts

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